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We love to celebrate special occasions with our students and parents. Every year, we celebrate all the nations of the world in our eagerly awaited International Day in which everyone gets to enjoy different tastes of international cuisine from around the world. Each class gets busy nice and early preparing dances, informational charts and brochures as well as the delicious food which everyone gets to enjoy. 


Mothers come very high on our list of priorities, so of course we get to celebrate Mother’s Day with our EYFS and Years 1, 2 & 3. A great time is had by all and parents get to cherish photographs with their children.  


Graduation Party is a momentous time for every student as s/he is about to embark on his/her life’s journey and this is an occasion which we take very seriously and arrange a big day for parents to see their children as they receive their certificates.


Of course, graduation from Foundation class is no small feat either, so we host a big celebration to honour all our little ones who are ready to go onto their Primary education. 


In our Sports Day, students come full of energy ready to compete with each other on more than 15 different sports activities. Medals and cups are given to the best teams and all teachers share the celebration with their students.


We always end our first academic term with our joyful Christmas Party, where all parents are invited in the big ceremony enjoying the performance of the carols, plays, dances by their children.


For science lovers, Sahara International School hosts an annual Science Fair where students get a chance to exhibit what they have learned in an interactive way. All the school thoroughly enjoys observing the young scientists at work. Prizes are offered to the most creative and innovative experiments. This is really an activity which is enjoyed by all.




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