Why Choose a British Education for Your Child
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Why Choose a British Education for Your Child


The British System is a system which incorporates the curriculum of the United Kingdom and runs all the way from K_ 12.  It is a system which highly encourages critical thinking and analysis. The school follows the British Curriculum as stated by Cambridge University. The school gets to enjoy access to a variety of resources offered to us via the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) board. The school also selects only books which are on the CIE recommended list.  The British System of education is highly recognized and revered worldwide and students who graduate from this type of education are generally well known for their academic candour.



At Sahara, we ensure that our students are taught using the latest in teaching methodology. All teachers in the school follow a certain method of teaching. 



Each class follows a pattern adopted by the entire school where teachers introduce the topic and there is some teacher focused teaching which incorporates visual aids to engage students and ensure their interest. After this students are encouraged to work independently or are teamed up in pairs or group work where they get to implement what has been learned to ensure understanding. Objectives are always clear and measurable and the lesson is always followed up by an assessment to measure students' understanding and progress and to address any remaining problem areas. We are also fully aware that each child is unique with a unique learning style. We know that the only way to attain our highest levels of achievement is by teaching our students according to a modern, interactive, holistic approach. We integrate many teaching styles in our lessons and make sure that there is a high level of interaction, research and scientific enquiry which will enrich the learning process tremendously.







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